Events for August

Jayden's 9th Birthday 08/05 4:00PM
Winona Camps 08/07 9:00AM
Stephenson B-Day 08/09 5:00PM
Scarborough Community Services Laser Tag Day 08/10 8:15AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/10 10:00AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/11 10:00AM
Internationa Festival 08/12 10:00AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/12 10:00AM
Acadian Festival 2017 08/12 10:00AM
Camp Waziyatah Laser Tag Day 08/13 10:30AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/13 10:00AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/14 10:00AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/15 10:00AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/16 10:00AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/17 10:00AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/18 10:00AM
Skowhegan Fair 08/19 10:00AM
Union Fair 08/19 12:00PM
Union Fair 08/20 12:00PM
Union Fair 08/21 12:00PM
Union Fair 08/22 12:00PM
Saco Parks and Rec 08/23 8:30AM
Union Fair 08/23 12:00PM
Union Fair 08/24 12:00PM
Union Fair 08/25 12:00PM
Rochford Wedding 08/26 3:00PM
Union Fair 08/26 12:00PM
EMCC Archery Tag Day 08/27 2:00PM
Maine Maritime Academy 08/27 5:00PM
Zachery's 12th Birthday 08/28 11:00AM
T-Mobile 08/29 10:30AM
T-Mobile 08/30 10:30AM

G-Force Offers:

  • Access to activities that will provide social interaction through safe, real-time interactive strategy games.
  • G-Force provides you with an entertaining, social atmosphere.
  • We have the ability to go to your location whether it is inside or outdoors anywhere in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the continental United States.
  • G-Force Laser Tag offers services to Summer Camps, School Field Trips, Youth Sroups, Team Building Activities, Youth Activities, Birthday Parties, Corporate Outings, Fundraisers, Grad Nights, Adventure Camps, Youth Center Activities, Family Get-Togethers, Laser Tag Birthday Parties, Fairs And Festivals!!!


To provide a safe place for people of all ages and abilites to socialize, build relationships and have tons of fun while learing how to interact as a team

You Don't Just Play The Game
You're In It!
For Real!

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